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Pedalboard build for Bobby Lee Parker

Bobby Lee Parker, guitar tech for the Killers had us do a new board utilizing RACKSYSTEMS new custom pedalboards. These boards are made of Aircraft Aluminum and are super sturdy and bullet proof with zero sag. Very cool shit. Signal path: 2 GTR IN’s Switchable, Loop 11 DI OUT from GTR IN B switchable Loop10 Loop 12 Fuzz Factory Tuner Loop 1: Fuzzulator, Loop 2: Abunai, Loop3: Naked, Loop 4: Custom Boost, OUT to VOL PDL, Buffer (RJM), Loop 5: PitchFactor, Loop 6: Mobius Loop 7: M9, Loop 8: Timeline, Loop 9: Space, RJM Click Stopper, OUT to 2 AMP SNDS transformer isolated phase reverse switch on 1 OUT.

Joe Perry Rig

Here is Joes rig. I did this awhile ago but just got around to posting. Sorry the pedalboard is not shown. Shure Digital wireless units-custom CAE wireless switcher-Rjm effect gizmo input- L1=Duesenberg Boost- L2=Pigtronix Fat Drive- L3=pedal board-L4=TC Flange- L5= TC Flashback-L6=MXR Carbon Copy-L7=TC Reverb-L9=sends to 2 amps-L10=sends to 2 amps-L11= send to talk box amp. Every thing is controlled by a CAE RS-10 midi pedal. There is a whammy and wha on the board. The Eleven Rack is a feed to the drummer for his monitoring only. Enjoy

Joe Bonamassa Pedalboard Build

Here’s Joe Bonamassa’s pedal board. Signal path: Wah-Fulltone Trem-Pork Loin-Tube Screamer-Mystery Pedal-MXR Micro Flanger-Main Amp Out(splits to Lehle ABC Box) Out A-Fuzz Face-to amp of choice Out B-Amp of choice Out C-amp of choice Loop of main amp-Boss DD3- H&K Rotosphere. He uses one amp all the time and can add a 2nd amp A, B or C. Don’t even ask what the blurred out mystery pedal is. It is not available for human consumption.

New Rig for Justin Derrico (Pink, The Voice)

Massive rig for Justin. Justin is a wicked player and super cool dude too. Here is the signal path: GTR-Pedal Board INT-Custom Piezo/Electric A/B Box-Electric Out of A/B Goes to Wah-Tuner-EB VOL(25K)- Mini FX Gizmo 1 IN Top Shelf-L1(Keeley Comp)-L2(Phase 90)-L3(Octron)-L4-(BB Pre)-L5(MXR Custom BadAss O/D)- Gizmo Out-Gizmo 2 IN Bottom Shelf-L1(POG)-L2(Flange)-L3(Arion Chorus)-L4(BOSS DD6)-L6(Line 6 M5)-Gizmo OUT- RackSystems Custom Dual Amp Switcher-AMP1 (Shiva)-AMP2(GoldFinger 90) Shiva FX Loop(Post FX)-SEND-2nd EB VOL(25K)-IN GCX 1-L1(Fulltone Univibe)-L2(BOSS CE2)-L3(BOSS DD20)-L4(Roland SDE3000)-Shiva Return) GCX 2 is for Amp switching functions. Acoustic Path goes to Fishman Preamp on pedalboard then to FOH. Enjoy, Dave and Mark.

Brian Ray Pedal Boards

Here is a couple of boards I did for Paul McCartney guitarist Brian Ray. First up is his main pedal board and the second is a small travel board . The chain of the big board is Foxrox Octron-eq-Guitar systems Fuzz tool-Yeti fuzz-wah-Custom Buff Puff Boost-tuner-Martini chorus-El Capistan delay- Glab reverb and then the Line 6 M9 out stereo.
Stand outs. — Foxrox octron just the best. Also the Guitar Systems Fuzz Tool was a very cool fuzz. Really I have to say everything on the board was very cool so I guess everything is a stand out.

richie Sambora guitar rack

Here is a new rack I just finished for Richie Sambora. Guitar comes into the rack and hits 2 RJM Effect Gizmo’s with all the pedals in them. Then it hits the Custom Suhr amp switcher which i added a line out . The Suhr switcher switches between 2 heads of choice into a dry cab. The line level portion of the rig can be used in 2 ways. One is with the line out to feed the line level effects and the other is the BAE mic pre. Any way either feeds the line level effects and then to the power amp or the D.I. Enjoy

Slash solo tour pedal board

Here is a simplified pedal board for the new Slash solo tour. There is a rack with 2 of his Marshall amps one for clean and one for dirty and his wireless gear. [ i will post that later] The chain is the the smart gate -tuner-wah-q zone-phase 90-bluebox-cae boost-mxr chorus-dunlop trem- boss dd3 and then the a/b out to the interface on the side of the pedal board. Output B has a iso transformer installed. Everything is mounted to a Fantastic Trailer Trash pedal board. I like these for the ability to to have all the interface options on the side and the ability to make a very clean look to the board. Enjoy more pics to come of the rack.

Puddle Of Mud pedal board

Here is a board I did for the Puddle Of Mud guitarist. It is to replicate his larger rack in a small format. Chain is Gtr- Boss Noise Suppressor- Vol pedal-Wah-Providence buffer- loops are phase 90-Boss chorus-Boss phase-Mxr Carbon Copy-Boss ddl/rev-then 3 loops for amps snds for 3 amps of choice transformer isolated . Also on the board is a a RJM amp gizmo for channel switching of any amp. All pedals are powered by the Glab power supply and there is a additional power transformer built into the board to power the Providence switcher and the Amp gizmo. Enjoy

New George Lynch rack

Here you go guys George had me do a rack for his current tour. The order in the switcher is Octavio, Mutron octave, Fulltone Vibe, phase 90, Hbe Scull Crusher, Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus, Zvex Seek Trem, Strymon El Capistan and Strymon Reverb. The Ge-10 eq is patched into his custom Rack interface and can be patched into any of the 3 amp sends. The amp sends are transformer isolated and have Phase switches. Every thig is controlled by a Ground Control Pro and on the board is a Customized wah and Tu-2 tuner. Enjoy