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New Pedalboard Build for Bayard King

Posted 07/18/2014 by admin

Here is a big Board we just finished. It can be used pre and post or all in front of 2 amps in a A/B configuration. Order goes gtr into wah then to the Musicom switcher. Loops in order are Vibe,comp,kook,fuzz,king of tone,Abunai, pog 2 and Flanger. Out of the switcher goes to the side panel on the board to the front of the amp. Snd of the amp comes back through the panel to the FV500l volume pedal to the input of the Rjm Mini Effects Gizmo. Loops are Mod Factor,Time Factor,Big sky. The last 2 are amp sends for A/B Both use if plugged into the front of amps. Or just A out to the return of the amp.


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