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Please Read Carefully Before Using This Site

The Tone Merchants site is a community of musicians & gear enthusiasts who shop & interact with each other by posting words, photos & videos about gear, their own music and reviews. The goal is to have fun, so each member must treat fellow members with respect, & also obey the law & our rules as well. This means be civil to each other, & not sharing any illegal content. Read the short list of rules below & enlighten yourself...

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us and we want to make sure it is protected. We will not resell, give out or otherwise share any of your personal data with any outside sources.

  • No Copywritten Content

    Please do not use any words, images, audio, video or content otherwise that you do not explicitly own the rights to. Tone Merchants respects the rights of all its users & hopes that they feel free to express themselves creatively but will not allow for the use of copywritten material throughout the site or the user's profile.

  • No Explicit Content

    Do not upload any words, photos, videos or artwork containing nudity, pornography, animal abuse, drug abuse, bomb-making, graphic or gratuitous violence, humiliation, etc.

  • Keep it Civil

    Do not upload any content containing hate speech, which attacks or demeans a particular gender, sexual orientation, color, race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, age, veteran status or disability. Do not stalk, threaten, troll or otherwise harass anyone on this site, or invade their privacy or reveal their personal information. In other words, treat others how you yourself would like to be treated.

  • Identity Theft

    Do not use any username, personal name, alias, or photo claiming to be anyone but yourself. Not only is it completely uncool to pretend to be someone you are not, but it is also illegal to perpetrate another's name or likeness.

  • Use of this Site

    Using this website for any reason other than viewing, buying, commenting on or contributing content is no good. All content, assets, photos, etc is copyright of Tone Merchants & Rack Systems LTD. Stealing content from this website or reusing content without express written consent is not allowed.

If any user is caught or reported doing any of the above, their profile will be deleted and they will be permanently banned from this site. Offenses may be prosecuted by local law-enforcement depending on the severity of the offense.

Not Sure About Something

Don't hesitate for a moment to get in contact with us, the goal here is to be a safe, fun, community driven driven site to shop for the best gear out there. Don't look at yourself like a nark, look at it like you are keeping our little community safer. While we do our best to monitor all the content on this website, we can't catch everything immediately. Contact us with any concerns or if you have content you would like to share but are questionable about, we are pretty nice folks over here & are happy to help.

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