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    05312014 Texas Amp Show Dallas Amp & Custom Guitar Show 2013
    Since it’s inception in 2005, The AMP SHOW's winning format of private demo rooms has provided the ideal solution to the problem all manufacturers have faced while demonstrating musical products –oppressive sound regulation in an open hall environment. It is now possible to evaluate amplifiers, effects, and instruments at real world levels. At the AMP SHOW, it is up to each room to regulate volume as they please, with no limitations imposed by the show or venue staff.

    Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of the AMP SHOW’S formula for success, is the price the public pays to enter. A $20.00 fee, ensures exhibitors that the majority of attendees are serious about their time spent at the show and are more likely to have the funds available to indulge prospective equipment purchases. Furthermore, this pre-screening/filtering process, is designed to limit traffic flow to a manageable level, thus insuring each individual can count on quality time with product specialists while gathering valuable information. A certain amount of exclusivity insures a more productive, pleasurable experience for attendee and exhibitor alike.
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