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New Rig for Justin Derrico (Pink, The Voice)

Posted 07/21/2014 by admin

Massive rig for Justin. Justin is a wicked player and super cool dude too.

Here is the signal path:

GTR-Pedal Board INT-Custom Piezo/Electric A/B Box-Electric Out of A/B Goes to Wah-Tuner-EB VOL(25K)-
Mini FX Gizmo 1 IN Top Shelf-L1(Keeley Comp)-L2(Phase 90)-L3(Octron)-L4-(BB Pre)-L5(MXR Custom BadAss O/D)-
Gizmo Out-Gizmo 2 IN Bottom Shelf-L1(POG)-L2(Flange)-L3(Arion Chorus)-L4(BOSS DD6)-L6(Line 6 M5)-Gizmo OUT-
RackSystems Custom Dual Amp Switcher-AMP1 (Shiva)-AMP2(GoldFinger 90)
Shiva FX Loop(Post FX)-SEND-2nd EB VOL(25K)-IN GCX 1-L1(Fulltone Univibe)-L2(BOSS CE2)-L3(BOSS DD20)-L4(Roland SDE3000)-Shiva Return)

GCX 2 is for Amp switching functions.

Acoustic Path goes to Fishman Preamp on pedalboard then to FOH.

Enjoy, Dave and Mark.


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