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Pedalboard build for Bobby Lee Parker

Posted 07/22/2014 by admin

Bobby Lee Parker, guitar tech for the Killers had us do a new board utilizing RACKSYSTEMS new custom pedalboards.
These boards are made of Aircraft Aluminum and are super sturdy and bullet proof with zero sag.
Very cool shit.

Signal path:
2 GTR IN's Switchable, Loop 11
DI OUT from GTR IN B switchable Loop10
Loop 12 Fuzz Factory
Loop 1: Fuzzulator, Loop 2: Abunai, Loop3: Naked, Loop 4: Custom Boost, OUT to VOL PDL, Buffer (RJM), Loop 5: PitchFactor, Loop 6: Mobius
Loop 7: M9, Loop 8: Timeline, Loop 9: Space, RJM Click Stopper, OUT to 2 AMP SNDS transformer isolated phase reverse switch on 1 OUT.


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