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Ampete Engineering

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Ampete Engineering

Ampete Engineering

Spyder 4×4/FX Midi Amp/Cab Switching System

Ampete Spyder 4×4/FX Midi Amp/Cabinet Switching System

– up to 4 Tube Heads (1 at a time)
– incl. their FX Loops
– FX-Port to use a single effect unit or chain for all the heads
– up to 4 Speaker Cabinets (up to 2 at a time)
– switch between Amps or Cabs without any loss in signal, or any noise, or any latency
– 100% security for all your connected Tube Heads
– LED illuminated indicator frontpanel switches
– frontpanel or Midi switching (presets or CC)
– 19″/1,5 U
– High-End Quality Components
– Made in Germany


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