**9/3/2015 - Axe Fx II XL+'s Back in Stock!**



Friedman BE-100


For the Demanding Player!

The Friedman BE100 culminates from the years of experience Dave has accumulated by performing tone mods on great British amps owned by countless Artists. Tamed is the harshness predominant with the Brit amps. Incredible girth, punch and sustain are just some of the tonal characteristics found in this amazing amplifier. The BE100 is also very responsive to the guitar’s volume pot making it incredibly dynamic and fun to play!!

100 watts, Overdrive Channel with Full EQ, Clean Channel with 3 Position Bright Switch Bass and Treble, Friedman designed FX Loop, Saturation Switch, FAT switch, C45 voicing, Hairy Brown Eye Gain Stage, Four EL34 Power Amp Tubes, Four 12 AX7′s Pre Amp Tubes.

9/3/2015 - Axe Fx II XL+'s Back in Stock!

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Product Specs & Features

Friedman Amplification
  • 100 Watts
  • Two Channel Head
  • Friedman designed series FX Loop
  • Four 12AX7
  • Four EL34
  • Bass, Treble, Mid, Presence, Master, Gain, Clean Volume, Clean Bass, Clean Treble controls
  • Bright, C45, Fat, Saturation, Loop ON/OFF
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